Friday, 3 March 2017

Ice Climbing and Ski touring Wildspitze in Pitztal Austria

So my knee is okay-ish again...

We went to Tyrolia, Austria in February for 4 days of blue bird waterfall ice climbing and some nice ski touring.
We stayed at the Biohotel Stillebach - right in the middle of Pitztal where there´s quite a few waterfalls nearby ( even walking distance)

On the first day we had to get used to all the equipment and procedures again, it´s just so different from rock climbing but we  got used to it quite fast and it felt like there hadn´t been such a long pause due to injuries and whatnot.

We climbed the "Luibiskogelfall", then teh "Klockelefall", then we hiked uo on skis to 2200m to the fantastic "Piösmesfälle" and on the last day we took the Pitztal Glacier express to 3100 m and did the "Wildspitze", at 3690 m the second highst summit in all of Austria.

Conditions were fantastic, skies were blue and we were almost all alone on the glacier...

Check out the video:

Saturday, 13 June 2015

Off The Beaten Track - A Dirtbike Adventure In Laos

When I was asked to go on a trip to northern Laos  on Enduro bikes I did not even know where Laos was.
We spent eight days on a round trip in northern Laos starting in Luang Prabang, riding alongside the Mekong River, getting close to the Myanmar, Chinese and Vietnamese frontiers. We rode up to 200 km a day and stayed overnight at small homestays and small hotels.
This film is a kind of documentary with no demand for completeness to show the country and culture in every detail but a motorcycle video diary of this fantastic trip.

It was a guided tour organised by "Offroad Laos Adventures", a business run by Charly, a Frenchman and dirtbike enthusiast with  a great love for this country, it's people and nature.

Laos is a landlocked country in South East Asia and shares borders with China, Cambodia, Myanmar, Thailand and Vietnam. Since 1975 it is ruled by a communist government  and continues to rely on foreign aid from western governments and NGOs and more and more from the People's Republic of China. It is rated as one of the least developed countries in East Asia, with more than 75% of people living on less than two US dollars a day. More than three quarters of the population still live as subsistence farmers. In recent years tourism  has become one of the main generators of foreign income.

The population is very laid-back but the Lao national character is a complex combination of culture, environment and religion, which is mainly Buddhism and animism.
Some 150 ethnic sub-groups within 50 primary ethnicities are officially recognised.
The landscape is dominated by rivers and mountains, folding the country into a series of often spectacular ridges and valleys, rivers and mountain passes.
Laos was affected very badly by the Indochina and Vietnam wars, being known as the "most bombed country" in the world.

(excerpts from "Lonely Planet Laos")

Monday, 29 September 2014

And another multi pitch in the Aiguilles rouges, The "Aiguille de L´Index":

Sunday, 7 September 2014

Just got back from France, Mont Blanc Massif, my favourite place to ski, climb and mountainbike...
Spent one week with our enduro bikes in the hills, using chairlifts and muscle power to get up only to pedal down on the red and black tracks or looking for remote single trails in hidden valleys...

The second week we did some climbing in the Chamonix area, a nice long 450 m / 10 pitches rout called "The cursed lands" and in Flégère climbing the Aiguile de l´index, video and photo will follow...

Here´s some of the filming and picture taking...

Thursday, 19 June 2014

2014 is on...

...and my knee is working okayish, I did some ski touring and Ice Climbing, need to take care though, the increasing pain after 2-3 days shows me instantly: "that was a bit too much...slow down..."

In the photo/ video section you´ll find some updates of our trips to Chamonix ane Tyrolia

Saturday, 7 December 2013

ok- 2013 is drawing to an end...
my knee is starting to work quite ok . indoor climbing seems to be the way to go to get used to using the knee again for sports activities....

last MRI showed a good healing of the cartilage transplant and a stable cruciate ligament...

So I will increase my rehab and build up muscles so I can maybe start touring again in late spring...

The FreeMoX - svalbard expedition is planned for 2015 now - we´ll see....

Friday, 8 March 2013

my knee job

it´s done.

after having suffered a serious knee injury in december while I was skiing I had my knee surgery 3 days ago. the ACL (anterior cruciate ligament) was  torn and the cartilage was missing on a 7cm2 area...

I had a ACL replacement with 2 tendons from my lower leg and a zillion cartilage cells re-implanted ("ACT")

The knee will be properly working in a few months but I cancelled all the activities like downhill biking or skiing and climbing for 2013.